Aluminum Ceiling System

Aluminum Profile Ceiling

Aluminum metal ceiling is a ceiling partition decorative material that is conducive to air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation. The aluminum strip ceiling system is extruded through a mold. Its hardness and flatness are far superior to other ceiling materials. Moreover, due to the characteristics of aluminum, it is not easy to deform and fade. Simple installation structure. Screws and special parts connect the upper key keel and segmented hammer. The overall structure has good stability and will not be affected by strong winds.
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Aluminum Solar System

Aluminum Extrusion Solar Panel

About Aluminum Extrusions for Solar Panel Mounting Rails & Systems. Whether you need aluminum extrusions for a solar panel mounting system or anodizing to protect against severe weather conditions, we can help provide a solution. Yonglong is uniquely able to provide all your aluminum extrusion solutions.
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Aluminum Windows&Doors

Aluminum Windows & Doors

Extruded aluminum frame doors and windows are becoming increasingly popular and widely used. We can design a suitable place for customers to live or work according to their needs. Customized aluminum framed doors and windows can solve these problems in hot, dry, humid, and rainy countries or regions.
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Aluminum Formwork

Aluminum Formwork System

Aluminum formwork, fully known as the aluminum alloy formwork system for construction. The aluminum alloy formwork system is a required standard size formwork structure and non-standard components used in actual projects that are customized through standardized design and industrial processing based on engineering construction and structural construction drawings. It has the advantages of light weight, high strength, long service life, simple support, and is conducive to environmental protection. It repairs the defects of traditional formwork in the past and greatly improves construction efficiency.
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T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion

T-slot aluminum can have no grooves on either side, or can have single or multiple grooves. Cross sectional dimensions are also available in various sizes. Our groove aluminum profiles can provide you with customized multifunctional designs and applications.
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