Aluminum Profile Ceiling

What Is an Aluminum Metal Strip Ceiling

Aluminum metal ceiling is a ceiling partition decorative material that is conducive to air circulation, exhaust, and heat dissipation. The aluminum strip ceiling system is extruded through a mold. Its hardness and flatness are far superior to other ceiling materials. Moreover, due to the characteristics of aluminum, it is not easy to deform and fade. Simple installation structure. Screws and special parts connect the upper key keel and segmented hammer. The overall structure has good stability and will not be affected by strong winds.

Aluminum baffle ceiling systems come in a variety of styles. It has a strong visual impact. Aluminum profiles can be selected in different heights and spacing, one high and one low, one sparse and one dense, with reasonable color matching, making the design ever-changing. Due to the function of ceiling aluminum profiles to hide objects, it is possible to place lighting equipment, air-conditioning systems, and fire-fighting equipment on the ceiling. Perfect visual effects ensure continuity.

Aluminum Ceiling System
Aluminum Ceiling System

Why Choose Aluminum Metal Strip Ceiling

1. The aluminum strip ceiling has a beautiful appearance, rich colors, and clear and smooth lines, which can perfectly match various decorative styles to create a different visual experience

2. The aluminum strip false ceiling has relatively low material loss, simple structure, and adopts a standard keel buckle structure for installation.

3. Aluminum ceiling strips are easy to disassemble and assemble. Each board of directors is separate.

Extruded aluminum alloy ceiling is suitable for residential and large public places. Widely used, such as corridors, balconies, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, etc.

Aluminum Ceiling System
Aluminum Ceiling System

How to Install the Aluminum Strip Ceiling

1. According to the design requirements, the aluminum strip ceiling should be drawn according to the installation node diagram, and the suspender should be fixed to the ceiling with expansion screws. Typically, the distance between suspenders is 1.1m, and larger aluminum square tubes have the density of an aluminum strip ceiling. Accordingly, the height of the boom should be uniform.

2. Fix the aluminum pipe strip ceiling keel on the suspender. The suspender is fixed by hole nuts on the square keel to adjust the height.

3. Fix the aluminum baffle strip ceiling on the keel. The keel is customized according to the spacing required by the design. During installation, clamp the aluminum ceiling into the corresponding dental floss of the keel.

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