Aluminum Construction Profiles

Yonglong offers versatile aluminum construction profiles that undergo exquisite aluminum extrusion processes, providing a diverse range of shapes and structural characteristics. These profiles are not only lightweight and sturdy but also have excellent corrosion resistance and high strength, ensuring excellent performance in various environments and applications. Whether you’re constructing windows, doors, curtain walls, or other architectural elements, our architectural aluminum extrusions can meet your needs.

At Yonglong, you will find a wide selection of architectural aluminum extrusion profiles, including T-shape, I-shape, square, rectangular, and circular profiles, each offering unique advantages for your projects, providing the best solutions. Yonglong offers a variety of finishes for architectural systems, such as anodized, powder coated, polished, and wood grain finishes. Additionally, we provide customized manufacturing services for aluminium construction profiles to cater to your specific requirements.

Aluminum extrusion profiles have become the basic material in many modern architectural projects, being used for applications like doors, windows, decorations, handrails, and more. Our professional team has extensive experience and expertise in providing both standard and custom aluminum construction profiles to companies aiming to reduce costs while maintaining the same high-quality standards.

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