T-Slot Aluminum Extrusion

T-slot aluminum can have no grooves on either side, or can have single or multiple grooves. Cross sectional dimensions are also available in various sizes. Our groove aluminum profiles can provide you with customized multifunctional designs and applications.

The aluminum T-slot frame is made by connecting slot profiles and connectors. You can easily set up frames and structures made of T-slots, without the need to weld components to achieve a robust structure. Of course, using different types of T-slot and corner connectors, you can arrange aluminum profiles in various ways to create different types of T-slot aluminum frames.

About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame

Why Aluminum T-Slot Profiles Are the Best Industrial Framework

One of the biggest characteristics of the T-shaped groove profile frame is its versatility. The ability to assemble and build anything, and then add or subtract it to meet the changing needs of daily business. If needed, you can easily decompose it and build a completely new solution.

Each section of extruded aluminum contains one or more T-shaped notches or slots in which various accessories can be easily installed and slid up and down as needed. This allows you to interconnect other T-slot aluminum components into the most complex configurations without having to clamp and weld them like steel components.

Many customers now choose industrial aluminum frames. It is also because aluminum T-slot frames are cheaper than steel frames. Slotted aluminum frames do not require cutting, welding, and painting. In addition, the aluminum frame is flexible, durable, and recyclable. This is why the aluminum T-slot frame is the best frame.

About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame

Advantages of T-Slot Aluminum Alloy Frame

1. Robustness: With aluminum profile fixing accessories, aluminum profiles will be more robust and durable than weldments, with uniform installation rules, and rich and robust aluminum profile accessories.

2. Safety: The aluminum frame can be customized in color to serve as a warning, and the ground is rich in supporting accessories. Covers can be selected for exposed ends to achieve protection.

3. Aesthetics: Select cover profiles or cover plates and planar sealing grooves, and decorate the frame structure to achieve dustproof effect.

4. Stability: Aluminum frames are structurally lighter than steel or iron.

5. Abundance: Select different types of profiles with different sizes and thicknesses as needed, and match various accessories.

6. Machinability and flexibility: milling, slotting, punching, tapping, and cutting according to different processing needs.

About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame

Application of T-Groove Aluminum Frame

Aluminum tanks have a wide range of applications and are ideal for any project.

1. Due to its flexibility and expandability, T-slot aluminum extruded profiles and their accessories are used for assembly line frames, workbenches, conveyors, shelves, doors, safety fences, brackets, racks, etc.

2. Slot aluminum profiles are widely used for aluminum display cabinets and aluminum panel frames.

About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame
About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame
About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame
About T-Slot Aluminum Profile Frame
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