Far Away From Windows and Doors Involution,KLUK System+Deluxe Surface Technology to Help You Out of the Siege


In the increasingly fierce competition in the door and window industry, Konuk system with its unique design and high-grade surface technology, to bring users a new door and window experience. Konuk systems not only pay attention to the aesthetic appearance of the product, but also emphasize its practicality and durability.

 01 High Water Tightness

KLUK achieve high watertightness through professional injection corner code, elevator connection process and professional drainage channel design. The injection corner code design can effectively prevent water penetration and improve the sealing performance of doors and Windows.

The elevator connection process ensures the overall stability and durability of doors and Windows through precise processing and connection methods.

02 Concise Style

Simplicity, not for the sake of “simplicity” and “reduction”, but on the basis of retaining its due performance, abandon the useless and fancy “chicken ribs” design, simplify the complex, so that two minus one is still equal to two. Clear and orderly lines, giving doors and Windows a higher sense of three-dimensional and hierarchical.

The road is simple, the beauty is simple. The beauty of simplicity is a profound consciousness after experiencing prosperity, and a realm of life that turns complex problems into simple ones.

03 Durability

Time is the only standard for testing truth, and only if it can stand the test of time can it be considered a really good product

At the same time, the high-quality surface treatment process can effectively resist the erosion of the external environment, and maintain the beauty and durability of the doors and Windows. From the selection of raw materials to the processing and manufacturing of products, every link is strictly controlled, both responsible for customers and responsible for themselves.

 04 Surface Treatment Technology

KLUK electrophoretic aluminum profiles using ultra-high density solid color electrophoresis process, electrophoretic paint has high molecular weight, strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics.

This process makes the hardness, weather resistance, corrosion resistance of aluminum has been comprehensively improved, the surface is smooth and smooth, the hardness is as high as 4H, scratch resistance.


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