What the Benefits of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

With the development of urban modernization, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and people’s requirements for green and safe construction and engineering quality are also increasing. The traditional wood formwork construction technology can no longer meet the current construction requirements in terms of safety, efficiency and engineering quality. Aluminum alloy formwork is a new generation of building formwork.

With its advantages of environmental protection and high reuse rate, it has gradually occupied the construction market. After my country’s construction market has experienced the use of bamboo and wood formwork, plastic formwork, and steel formwork, aluminum formwork has gradually occupied market share. Aluminum formwork has been widely praised in the industry for its good economic benefits and practicability.

What the Benefits of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

Aluminum alloy formwork is beneficial to environmental protection, saves wood, can be reused many times, and conforms to the national energy saving and emission reduction policy, and the aluminum mold has light weight, high bearing capacity, easy construction, low maintenance cost, high construction efficiency, and good concrete surface quality. The number of turnovers is high, and it is a new technology. The use of all-aluminum alloy formwork will be the trend of the construction industry in the future. The aluminum alloy formwork adopts a new formwork and support system with high efficiency, modularization, and high reusability, as well as a new construction method that effectively saves the cost of working hours on the construction site. The problems that traditionally occurred on the construction site and many jobs handled by the site should be dealt with and completed in the factory as much as possible.

What the Benefits of Aluminum Alloy Formwork

Technical Characteristics of Aluminum Formwork

YONGLONG aluminum formwork construction technology is suitable for the construction of concrete structure walls, horizontal floors, columns, beams, climbing forms, pipe galleries, etc., and has significant characteristics in the construction method. Compared with the traditional wood formwork and steel formwork construction technology, it is in The construction period, quality, safety and civilization, economy and environmental protection have obvious advancement and novelty, as follows (mainly building houses / example):

(1) The construction is convenient and the construction period is shortened

High strength, light weight, the weight per square meter is only 21-25 kg; convenient construction, simple assembly, the formwork can be completely disassembled and assembled manually, and all materials are transferred vertically manually without relying on tower cranes and unloading platforms; construction High efficiency, normal construction can reach a standard layer in five days. The construction process adopts the early formwork removal system, and the aluminum formwork support system does not need to build horizontal bars under normal circumstances. The support head of the vertical support bar is combined with the template to form a rigid connection, and the form of a portal frame is formed between each support bar. When the formwork is removed, the support system remains, and the support rods are removed after the concrete strength meets the requirements.

(2) Concrete looks good

The overall look and feel effect is good after demolding the aluminum formwork, and the pass rate is almost 100% in terms of look and feel quality, flatness, verticality, cross-sectional size, etc., which has been well verified in the actual measurement data, and this is also Traditional templates such as wooden templates are incomparable. According to the actual engineering measurement, the flatness of the wall surface constructed by aluminum formwork can reach the level of (-3,3), which is due to the better strength, stiffness and stability of aluminum alloy formwork. In particular, the Changyi aluminum formwork has undergone secondary extrusion, and the surface coating has undergone double-layer curing technology, which has high strength and corrosion resistance, which greatly guarantees the quality of the concrete pouring surface. In the traditional wooden formwork, the phenomenon of expansion and explosion often occurs, but the construction of aluminum alloy formwork can avoid such phenomena.

(3) Safe and civilized construction is reliable

The bearing capacity is high, up to 30KN-40KN per square meter (the test load can reach 60KN); there is less construction waste on site, and the support system is simple. All the accessories of the aluminum formwork system can be reused. After the formwork is removed during construction, there will be no garbage on site. The structure of the support system is simple and easy to dismantle, so the entire construction environment is safe, clean and tidy. And the formwork of the next layer is directly transferred to the upper layer for construction, and the cleaning of the turnover materials is convenient and quick.

The application of aluminum formwork in high-rise construction fundamentally reduces the total investment of the project. YongLong aluminum formwork adopts stereotyped design, accurate size, good appearance of concrete structure, and size deviation is less than national standard requirements; easy assembly, fast construction, many turnover times, 100% recycling, in line with the environmental protection requirements of building construction.

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